Bishopgate Antiques

Shops (non-food)

23/24 Bishopgate Street,
York, YO23 1JH

01904 623893

Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5.30pm

Specialising in antiques, reproductions and what he likes to call call "exotic junk" Robin Wetherill has been in business since 1970. Bishopgate Antiques is the first shop you come to as you travel out of town, its windows are a long time favourite of ambling romantic couples musing on the things quixotic and ecclectic in its windows.

Over the years Robin has sold among other things, a WW2 V1'Doodlebug' flying bomb, numerous model ships, the helm to a Type S nuclear submarine, and a very early DeDion tricycle engine. Good for motoring memorabiliia, military bric-a-brac, and original enamel advertising signs. Of course, it's also good for your antique shop standards - such as chairs, tables, chests, mirrors and dressers, so don't pay loads for a flatpack when you can get the real thing on your doorstep. It's a much greener form of shopping than buying new, you'll be getting things made of real wood, and it's local. Robin is also happy to deliver to you door.