Your Feet in My Hands


70 Brunswick street

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Working as a reflexologist to help people relax and to improve well-being, Fiona specialises in working with couples wanting to conceive. She also offers Maternity Reflexology – a wonderful therapy to support pregnancy and birth to help make it a comfortable and happy experience. She also offers reflexology for all sorts of things – please see website for more details.

A session of Reflexology consists of the application of pressure to the feet to create a stimulating effect throughout the entire body. Through specific movements with the finger and thumb, toxins are encouraged to leave the body, balance can be restored, the immune system boosted and the client may feel more revitalised, relaxed or energised.

Having practised Reflexology and Reiki since 2003, Fiona believes that Reflexology enhances health, creating a wonderful sense of well-being, peace and calm. “It is my pleasure to offer you this fabulous therapy. I treat my clients as unique individuals in a warm, caring and compassionate manner.”