York Human Givens Wellbeing Centre

Community & Services

33 Bishopthorpe Road,
York, YO23 1NA

01904 637199 (messages only)

The York Human Givens Wellbeing Centre offers psychotherapy and counselling, with a positive approach that focuses on solutions, rather than problems. It is a principle of the Human Givens approach to help clients establish ways of getting their basic emotional needs met in a healthy and balanced way, in as few sessions as possible.

The Human Givens approach is holistic, in that it works with social, biological and psychological elements of what it is to be human.

The team of five therapists at the Centre work with many different emotional issues, including depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, relationship issues, anger, PTSD, addictions, phobias, poor sleep and eating disorders – to name just a few. The Centre also offers couples counselling.

The current York Human Givens Wellbeing Centre moved to Bishopthorpe Road in 2010. It is accredited by the Human Givens Institute and is a private practice. All sessions remain entirely confidential.