Meiklejohn Communications

Public Relations Consultancy

38 Thorpe Street,
York, YO23 1NL

07801 905 363

We all have clients. It might be a few people, it might be thousands, but when you deliver for them, you want to provide the best.

Or perhaps you want to go further.

I'm Graham Meiklejohn and that is the approach I've taken towards every aspect of my 15 years of experience working within the corporate communications sector. 

Don't just serve your clients, exceed their expectations.

The end goal is delivered, the result that was wanted, but if you aim higher, be smarter, you exceed expectations and create an enhanced result rather than one which is average or ok.

That way, you stand out and you stay ahead of your competition.

And it's exactly what Meiklejohn Communications does for its clients. Whether in the field of public affairs, media relations, employee engagement or stakeholder relations, we work to ensure you exceed your goals and remain in the lead.

We can enhance your current communication channels and enable you to make a positive impact in new and existing markets, securing proactive endorsers of your services and company along the way.  Just as we have done for Bishy Road.

Contact us for coffee and a chat to see how Meiklejohn Communications can help you exceed expectations.