Welcome to
Bishy Road!

Bishopthorpe Road lies just south of the ancient walls of York, a short walk from the city centre. The independent shops, cafes and businesses that make up Bishopthorpe Road parade have been serving the community for over a hundred years.  In 2010 they formed a Traders Association, promoting the area as an excellent place to shop, live, socialise and work. Since then, the BRTA has hosted several legendery street parties and events involving the local community. Those who know and love this quirky little corner of York refer to it affectionately as Bishy Road for short!          Bishy Road has gone from strength to strength despite the past few years economic climate, and challenges for small businesses.    In 2015  Bishy Road entered the GB High Street competition hosted by the Dept. of Communities and Local government and not only won the Local Parade category but were honoured to be crowned the over-all Winner of Winners!  for more info visit-

The Times newspaper ‘Cool list’ of top 20 trendy places to live in Britain in 2013 put the Bishy Road area at no 9 in the country.



Bishy Road has excellent shops, restaurants and businesses, which provide top quality goods and services.


Of the 80 or so businesses in the Bishy Road area, 90% are independent. This gives us variety and interest, as well as some top quality businesses.

Money into the local economy

Research shows that when money is spent in local independents, 65% is returned to the local economy (the local multiplier effect). For chains or multiples it is only 34% return.

Good for the community

The ‘Street Party’ and ‘Winter Lights’ are just two ways that the Bishy Road Traders have invested time and money in improving the area.

A good place to be

Bishy Road is a great place to shop, eat and do business. People who know it give their support and Bishy Road.